Round Table Farm

Donkeys, Goats, Books and Chickens

Beneficial Bugs

Most insects serve a purpose on the farm. If they are not actively harming the beasties, garden, or us, they can stay.

The picture of the Jerusalem Cricket (aka Child of the Earth) was taken last year. I had not handled one before and it tickled quite a bit. Supposedly, they make the sound of a baby’s wail if harmed. I have never heard one make noise, but then I have never mutilated one.

I love this pic of the praying mantis. She was as long as my hand from tip of finger to wrist. This was also taken last year.

This year, some relatives gave us praying mantid egg cases and lady bugs for our garden. We placed the mantid cases in two separate trees and released the lady bugs on the berry patch, the currants, and the garden.

And I simply enjoy butterflies. I am not sure, but I think this is a swallowtail. This handsome dude was so engrossed in his milkweed, that I was able to walk right up and have him dance along my finger, as long as I kept it close to the flowers.


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