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Jumbo Pink Banana Squash

M3 holding a jumbo pink banana squash and a blue hubbard.

My mom picked up this beast of a squash, a jumbo pink banana, from one of the local farmer’s stands. I guestimate it weighed between 25-30 pounds.

Banana squash cut in half. Really thick meat.

It was incredibly easy to cut open, scoop out the seeds, and the meat. Cut up, sprinkled with olive oil, and backed for an hour at 350 degrees, it was really soft and easy to scoop out. M3 and I both enjoyed a meal of squash and rice for dinner. I scooped out the rest once it cooled and we had nearly two gallons to freeze. The flavor was really good and the texture smooth. I look forward to making pies or casseroles out of it. The squash shells were given to the chickens.

Roasted squash seeds

The seeds were separated from the pulp that was scooped out with them. Some of the seeds were saved for planting next year. I roasted the rest. I haven’t roasted squash seeds before, so I followed a simple recipe from online. I coated the seeds in butter, seasonings (salt, pepper, garam masala), and placed on a cookie sheet in the 300 degree oven. The recipe said to bake for 45 minutes, however at ~25 minutes, seeds started to pop. I stirred them up and let them go a little longer. But more and more seeds continued to explode in the oven. So I yanked them out and let them cool. The outer shell proved to be too tough to chew up and swallow, but the inner seed was tasty. It’s just a lot of work to get to the inner seed. Did I do something wrong?

2 butternuts, a spaghetti squash, the monster banana, & a blue hubbard.

The family of squash.


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