Fresh Sheet

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From Round Table Farms

All non-GMO, Chemical Free 

Micro Trio (Pea, Sunflower and Radish Micros) $4/100g or $12/lb

Pea Shoots - $3/75g or $11 per lb

Sunflower Shoots $3/75g or $12/lb

Mixed Greens (mixed with greens from our partner farms as well) - $10/lb

From Emma's Acres
BC Fresh - Fraser Valley // All non-GMO, Chemical Free

Shallots - $4/lb

Yellow Onions - $2/lb

Butternut Squash $2/lb

Spaghetti Squash $2/lb

Delicata Squash $2/lb

Leeks $2.50/lb

Green Cabbage $1.50/lb

Purple Cabbage $1.50/lb

Sautee Mix (Kale and Bok Choy) $7/lb